General Surgery

Over a third of all specialist surgeons in Australia and New Zealand are General Surgeons – examples of other specialties include Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, Urology and Cardiac surgery. General Surgeons have some expertise in those areas, but even General Surgery itself has become subspecialised into breast surgery, endocrine surgery, colorectal surgery, trauma surgery and other subspecialty practices. This is great in the big cities, but complicates service provision in country and regional areas for example. It also makes it difficult for patients and GPs to know who best to refer patients to for definitive care.

Dr Hanney has worked in General Surgical practice since 1996, in Sydney, regional Australia and internationally. Whether you have a localised infection, benign tumour or rare surgical condition he will discuss your circumstance with you and ensure you receive safe, affordable, quality care if you choose to proceed. General surgeons treat conditions ranging from straightforward abscesses to gunshots and major trauma. has more information should you wish it.